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    WE BUILD Great
    Cherokee is a complete General Contracting Company.
    We work in all aspects of the construction market.
    New Construction, Renovations, Additions, and Complete Civil Works.
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    Experienced in all forms of construction
    We have the solutions
    To your Construction Problems

About Cherokee Contracting

With over 25 years of experience, Cherokee Contracting knows what it takes to provide complete construction solutions to our clients.

Being fully insured and bondable can put your mind at ease knowing that you choose the right professionals to do the job!

What We Do

We build custom, quality, code-compliant construction.

  • Residential
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Civil Works
  • Outside-The-Box
  • Custom Work

High quality, efficient construction

Cherokee Contracting believes in providing clients with the highest standard of service possible.

  • Plannings
  • Fast Work
  • Precise

On top of our outstanding service and attention to detail, we also only use the highest of quality building materials in your project.


Our experienced, professional team of contractors have what it takes in helping you meet all of your commercial/industrial goals. Regardless of the size of the project, big or small - we have all the expert team with the necessary skills and the right suppliers for the high quality materials we require in completing your project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Civil Works

Cherokee Contracting's list of services is not just limited to new/renovation construction projects. We are proud to have been involved in several civil works projects that have included back filling, river bank reconstrution, existing drainage tie in and much more. Our powerful machiney and expert team are able to complete any civil works assignment you have!


When we state that Cherokee Contracting is a Complete General Contracting Company, we were not kidding. "Outside-of-The-Box" is our little spin on the types of projects we are capable of completing. What contracting company do you know of that has built a 30' Rappel Tower for military training excercies? We've done it! What contracting company do you know of that will build a contrete base and pedestal to mount a full size airplane o? We've done that too! Regardless of how unusual or "different" you may think your construction project is, chances are we can provide a complete solution.